Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've got mail!

A parcel was delivered to my mailbox today, a lovely ArtCard Ideas 2007 Idea Deck! Thank you so much Gretchen. In 2007 ArtCards ran a competition and Gretchen had one of her cards accepted, wow! Congrats Gretchen! There are 55 cards in the pack which you can use for inspiration when you suffer a "creative block"
I also managed to get out and pick up some fabric to use in my next journal quilt. The theme is colour, and I'm going to atempt the trees and rainbow from a couple of posts ago. Mmmmm, not short of colour, I can hear Tim Gun saying, "okay, now make it work!"

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morningDove said...

Hey is this our very own Gretchen on FAT? wow, talented lady.