Monday, March 3, 2008

Wow! I got colour!

I'm very excited that I am finally able to upload some pics! I've yet to work on the layout, but the basics are there! Thanks so much Fannie and Debmarie for your support and encouragement! (It feels pretty special to have TWO guardian angels!)
My next project/adventure is to make a quilt journal for Feb for the Australia and New Zealand Art Quilters Group I belong to. The theme for Feb is Colour or Graffiti and we are supposed to use layering or collage as the main technique. I found this photo I took a couple of months back and ran a filter over it, and HEY PRESTO!! It's not earth shattering, but don't you think it lends itself to collage, layering and colour?!

1 comment:

Fannie said...

I look forward to seeing your quilt journal. Nice pics.