Friday, March 14, 2008

oooooops missed a day somewhere

Actually I think I missed a post cos I left it too late in the day (or night, as the case may be) and someone, who shall remain nameless hogged the internet before I got to it!! LOL
Anyway, Wed night I went to "Finishing Class" at my local quilt store, The Cloth Shop. It's a "do anything" class in which you can work on any project and there is always someone much smarter there who can help you if you get stuck. Mostly it's just a social night, where you get to goo and ga over everyones projects! Oh, and did I mention the chocolate biscuits??

Anyway, moving right along... here are a couple of pics, in fact a bit of a teaser really, as I am hosting a swap on F.A.T and am working on a sample to trade. The top pic is some fabric I found which was perfect, the second pic is what I will use in my project.... now if I tell you any more than that I will have to kill you all!!!Hahaha! If it works out and looks good, I will put a step by step on here for you.

Answering questions: -Fannie, yes I will be painting the sack pieces I use, it's time consuming cos the little suckers don't like absorbing the paint either.
Lisa, I tend to be a little heavy handed with the glue and thought that I would end up putting it everywhere it wasn't needed! I think I would certainly be using steam-a-seam to hold them all in place. I've never had any trouble with steamaseam and sewing thru layers either.

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Fannie said...

Thanks for the explanatiion, Kiwi Carole. Chocolate biscuits--yummmm.

Looks like a great trade coming up on FAT! Exciting. I'm sure it will look great!