Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Well I haven't been around over the last couple of days, it's been very busy at work and I had heaps to do catching up round the home. I had to unplug myself from the computer and get on with it!
First up, it just wouldn't be Easter without an bunny or 2! (and I like these kind as they don't add inches to the waist, are soft to cuddle and last for ever!!)
I managed to get into town on Thursday and pick up a few bits of fabric, these will be put aside to use in some landscape mini quilts. Probably seascapes which for some reason appeal. The browns will be used for sand and the blues will be used for sea.
Yesterday we had visitors calling which called for something yummy for morning tea, so made some lammingtons. For those of you who are not familiar with these, they are small squares of sponge cake, I then dip each square into jelly which I have made with only half the water, and then they are rolled in coconut. You can slice these half way thru and serve with whipped cream, which would be simply devine, mmmmm, but without cream sounds slightly healthier?
We are soooo hanging out for rain here, the sheep are now being fed our grass clippings, which they have decided to eat to ward off starvation. Not that they are malnutritioned or anything, they look pretty damn fat to me! We bought some hay and put it out for them, but do you think they would eat it? NO, NOT ON YOUR NELLY! So we got cunning and threw some sheep pellets out amongst the hay for them to find which has kept them entertained for ages, and they have eaten some of the hay trying to get to the pellets. HA! There's more than one way to outsmart a sheep!!

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Ahipara Girl said...

Yum, lamingtons, fish and chips, strawberries. Plus you are a journo too. And you love mixed media, how cool. I am so glad you visited me, your blog is great, keep up the awesome work. Those sheep are hardcase, sound like my kids. They just want to eat lollies.