Sunday, March 2, 2008

My very first post!

Welcolme to my blog, and of course, my very first post! As I would expect, I can't get anything to work, so you can expect to see changes happening as my brain clicks into gear!
What can I this site!


Gudonya said...

Hey! Welcome, Kiwi!! I'm SO excited to be seeing much more of your work! Don't worry - it's always the techie stuf that keeps us arteests away. We WILL get you going!! LOTS of colourful hugs!! ~debmarie :o)

Fannie said...

Welcome to the world of blogging, Kiwi Carole! I'll be watching.

morningDove said...

H-e-l-l-o down under. glad you are among the bloggers. Love the strawberry quilt.

Lindi said...

Great blog! Interesting, arty, humourous...keep up the great posts, and I'm sure you'll attract lots of regular visitors.
Scquilty hugs!