Saturday, March 29, 2008

A visit to Waipukerau

Yesterday I had the day off work and drove up to Waipukerau (232 kms round trip) to visit a friend. She has an 18 month old son and her husband is a kiwi soldier serving in Afghanistan. He will be back at the end of April after 6 months away. She has her hands full, and reckons he will owe her big time when he gets back! I agree! We had a fun day and managed to walk into town and look thru some of the shops. They have a fantastic new quilt store which of course I just had to visit! I bought 2 jelly rolls (couldn't help myself!) Don't you just love the colours and textures?
I also bought this piece of fabric which I thought might lend itself to some artwork, paints, neocolours or stamping? (or all 3!) I also received this pretty block from Paula for the 8x8 block swap. Three blocks left to come - they are all so different.
Tomatoes! And more tomatoes! I bought one lonely little yellow pear shaped cherry tomato plant, and one little red cherry tomato plant, plus 2 plants of larger growing fruit. The plants with the bigger fruit have been swamped, and the yellow cherry tomato is like a triffid, it's taking over the whole garden plot! And I must admit that although it's nice to have a bit of colour in the vege garden and on our plates, I am over the yellow tomato now!! I don't think tomato soup is quite the same if it's yellow, and spaghetti isn't quite spaghetti if it's yellow! If anyone has any suggestions for their use please don't hesitate to let me know!! (with my luck, it's probably gonna self sow everywhere and next next I'll have millions of the darn things!! HELP!)


Ahipara Girl said...

how about tomato jam? My grandmother used to make it and it is really nice. Quite sweet. Don't have a recipe though. And don't tell folks until they taste it and are sold, otherwise people freak at tomato jam. Maybe she mixed it with another fruit. Knowing her it was probably squash or chicken or something. She made some weird but yummy stuff. Like homemade feijoa iceblocks made with the puree of boiled feijoas and tonnes of sugar. Well, i hope that's worth something, but if not, worries.

Ahipara Girl said...

Forgive my ignorance but what on earth is a 'jellyroll'? Is it that nest of fibres I can see? What do you do with that I wonder? Could it be more quilts? They do look delicious, the quilts and fibres.

kiwicarole said...

I have no idea why it's called that? It's a collection of fabric strips, usually 40 different ones, rolled up. Go figure! (These ones I bought are smaller rolls,and cheaper).
Hmmm tomato jam? sounds like it has potential, might see what I can dig up.