Monday, March 10, 2008

All good things must come to an end

Well here in New Zealand, the days are starting to close in, by 8.00pm it is starting to get dark now, sigh, I'm not looking forward to winter. I thought you all might enjoy this pic, couldn't you just eat the lot!! I have now picked the last of the strawberries. This is the first year I have grown them and have a large bed with about 50 plants. They have flowered and fruited for  just over 3 months! I am really impressed, and they had so much more flavour than the store bought ones. I will definitely grow them again next season! My tomatoes have taken over another garden bed. They are all cherry tomatoes, yellow and red, it's like an invasion of triffids! 

Yesterday I did a bit more work on 4th panel of the McKenna Ryan art quilt I'm working on, In Full Bloom. I'll try and get a pic up for you tomorrow. I've finished 3 blocks and have 5 more to do. I think it's a long term project!!

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Jacq said...

Your strawberries look wonderful. We in the northern hemisphere are just starting to think about such delicacies. It will be June before we have local strawberries, now we have to be satisfied with some from California. I am really enjoying your blog.